Your Voices Heard

“Pamela Hart is a gifted speaker and teacher whose purpose is clearly to inspire and motivate people to uncover and express their most powerful voice. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced public speaker, the Release Your Voice Bootcamp provides strategies and tools to help everyone reach their communication goals. I loved it!”

– Marcy Adams

“Attending RYV Bootcamp was a great way for met to prove to myself that I have the courage to stand up and speak on my topic. In two days I was able to bring my topic from lacking cohesion, to hearing from other people in the room that it had gotten much easier to follow me. From Pamela’s feedback I have set new goals to work towards now instead of my usual ‘just getting it over with’ strategy.”

– Tricia Mahon

“Pamela’s breadth of experience was clearly beneficial in helping me step into impromptu situations more easily and enjoyably. That’s fulfilling and lets me engage when I feel like it, and move with ease in any setting.”

– Jak Redenbach

“I never thought I could speak in front of a group of people. Then I met Pamela Hart and she made it easy and fun. I took her “Public Speaking and Communications Bootcamp” recommended by a friend and I am very happy I did. Pamela took away my fear of Public Speaking. This was very important for me because my career requires the ability of Public Speaking to be able to present information to my clients. If you need to improve you sales or presentation skills I would recommend Pamela Hart’s Release Your Voice.

– Katalin Williams, Canada Financial,

“In our modern world communication is very important, learning public speaking properly could help us succeed.  That is why I attended Pamela Hart’s “Public Speaking and Communications Bootcamp”.

– Andres Briseno

” Public speaking is an art form that once mastered can open many doors. I highly recommend Release Your Voice to my close friends and colleagues. Pamela Hart realizes that you are individual not a clone and she helps bring out the unique qualities of an individual.  The great thing about Pamela is that she takes the time to get to know you and cater towards your individual needs and goals.  Pamela’s background in psychology and theatre are highly valuable towards Public speaking training. I am really pleased that I signed up for the Public Speaking Bootcamp. “
– Negar Mojtahedi

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