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6 Things To Never Say During Your Speech

Time and time again we see many of these public speaking sins being repeated.  The key to most of these is to be well prepared and be aware – so be professional and create a credible presence. Here is a … Continue reading

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5 Steps to Writing a Memorable Speech

First off, to make a memorable speech – you need to decide what is supposed to be memorable. Clarify your intent before you build your presentation. Secondly, memory retention isn’t easy. While we listen to a speech we’re not able … Continue reading

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Poetry For Practice

Poems to use as vocal warm-ups and pronunciation exercises that leave you feeling refreshed and inspired. Ah, spring. We love spring at Release Your Voice because it’s a time for renewal, rebirth and growth. It’s also a time to do … Continue reading

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Something to Take-Away: A Checklist for Handouts

You’ve crafted a fantastic presentation. You’ve practiced. You’ve made use of the best visual aids. You’re ready. So how do you ensure that your message makes it home with your audience? You’ve got to give something away. These days it’s … Continue reading

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