5 Steps to Writing a Memorable Speech


First off, to make a memorable speech – you need to decide what is supposed to be memorable. Clarify your intent before you build your presentation.

Secondly, memory retention isn’t easy. While we listen to a speech we’re not able to pause, rewind or slow down any aspect. Even while we are taking notes it’s easy to miss important points while your brain is eagerly repeating itself until you can write it down. Repeat your points until they stick.

Here are five ways to ensuring a memorable presentation:

  1. Prepare Early – the more your speech becomes memorable to you, the easier you’ll be able to create new ideas for writing and organizing to help your audience retain memorable information.
  2. Know Your Audience – center all your efforts to helping the audience understand what you’re speaking about. Crafting interactive techniques can help your audience become actively involved and have different mediums to retain. Think about incorporating questions, quizzes and exercises into your speech.
  3. Key Points – it’s tempting to tell as much as you can about your subject but always keep it simple. Deciding what the minimum your audience needs to know will help them leave with the most important aspects of your presentation.
  4. Create a Call To Action – this is what you want you audience to do after they walk out of those doors. Building up passion and eagerness behind it will encourage your audience to want to take immediate action. This should also incorporate the “what’s in it for me” principle.
  5. Spark the Senses of All Types of Learners – provide all different types of mediums so there is something captivating for each audience member. Consider: video, audio, podcasts, photography, paper handouts, social media, props, stories, analogies or technology.

The greatest aspect to take advantage of is to repeat a theme or word throughout your speech. Effective speeches are ones where you can sum up their main message in only a sentence. If an audience has to think really hard about what the point was, then there was no point in the speech at all.

Extra Tip: A lot of audiences have been sharing sound bites in real time as you speak – this is being done via Twitter. So make it easy and write their tweets for them. A way to get a great following is to create a hashtag so your viewers can tune in later and see the little pieces of info others shared and they possibly missed.

Allow yourself to be motivated by what inspires you – and your audience will follow!


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