Stress Recess: Managing fear so it doesn’t manage you


Fear and anxiety take away your power and confidence – they prevent you from expressing your ideas and opinions. And you’re not alone, as many at 75 per cent of people suffer from public speaking anxiety. The trick is to understand and control it – by understanding its origin, you can overcome it.

First, you need to start thinking about nervousness in a different way. That fear is really your body’s tension to energize itself, being an energetic speaker is a great thing! But learning to control and equalize that energy is another.

Fully feel the way your body reacts to speaking in public. It may be uncomfortable but it will benefit you in understanding what situations or triggers put you in a fearful state.

Formal exercise:

  1. When you start to feel yourself becoming overwhelmed by anxiety, stop. Slow down.
  2. Before you begin your presentation, let the audience settle.
  3. Take a small sip of air… for a count of 2… then breath out for 4 counts.
  4. On the next intake of breath, begin.

This breathing technique will give you the knowledge to begin smoothly and using it in frequency will make all of your speeches concise.

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Release Your Voice with Pamela Hart: Public Speaking training based in Vancouver BC. We offer training seminars, oral presentation skills, corporate communication, private lessons or group training
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