Dress for Success!

Dressing, Resting and Grooming for your BIG presentation!


No matter how many long hours you invest into your presentation, it’s all meaningless if your delivery isn’t clear and concise. This applies to your image as well. We don’t always give enough thought into the role our clothes play, and in doing so can ensure confidence in your appearance, thus confidence in your speech!

Clothing – follow these key rules: clean, pressed and well-fitted

  • Dress for your audience: consider what is appropriate for your audience and occasion
  • Wearing a well-tailored suit is effective and simple
  • Ensure you are comfortable and not wearing anything that causes you to itch or fidget
  • Keep everything in good repair: hems should be secure, suit is pressed, no stains or rips

Grooming – be showered, shaven and smiling! Keep hair away from face

Make-up – keep it minimal. Try to look healthy and rested

Shoes – your footwear might be at your audience’s eye level if you’re on stage. Shoes should be polished and not very worn looking

Jewelry – be careful here that your jewelry is complementing, not statement or causes major distraction

Other Tips:

  • Make sure you are well-rested – yawning gives the impression you’re not interested in being there
  • Eat a light lunch and ensure your breath is fresh – limit coffee intake and do not smoke shortly before
  • Be scent-free savvy – some places have scent-free zones so play it safe and limit any scents (perfume, cologne, hairspray, scented lotion)
  • Empty your pockets – you’re less likely to play with anything in your pockets and won’t cause noise like jingling keys or coins
  • If you’re traveling a great distance, don’t wear you’re presentation clothes. They might look wrinkled and you risk a stain or rip on your journey
  • Stick to natural fabrics that let you breathe – cotton, wool, silk

Remember that first impressions count! Looking your best is an important factor in your presentation as a whole!

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Release Your Voice with Pamela Hart: Public Speaking training based in Vancouver BC. We offer training seminars, oral presentation skills, corporate communication, private lessons or group training
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