Personal Development – How to keep going

The month of March 2013 Release Your Voice engaged in its very own ‘Personal Development Month’. As it comes to an end, we are sharing what we have discovered in how to keep yourself going, even after you have sought what you set out to do. Here are some helpful tips to never stop growing!


1. Review your well-defined goals regularly – best way to do this, write it down and pin them up where you know you will review constantly. Making them ‘well-defined’ will ensure they are clear to you.

Tip: paste it to your bathroom mirror and go over while you brush your teeth

2. Pursue worthwhile goals that mean something to you – reflect on your goals and pin out the ones that get you excited, are the others really worth achieving? And will you achieve them if you don’t feel positive about them?

Tip: visualization! If you visualize yourself achieving that goal it may make you realize how great it will be once achieved and get you excited about the process

3. Preparation is key – we all know this one, and it couldn’t be further from the truth!

Tip: underneath your goals, set out mini goals to achieve that big one. It will make it easier to engage in if you have a little way you can slowly accomplish your goal

4. Take constant action in baby steps – making a commitment to achieving one of those mini goals every day can help you reach your goal quicker than you had expected

Tip: write a date by every mini goal to achieve and be excited to scratch it off by the end of that day

5. Remove distractions and negative influences – keeping yourself focused and positive about your goals will ensure greater success

Tip: a great tip we had in our “How to integrate Social Media into your Personal Development Plan” is to block those of whom have regular negative updates, don’t let them bring you down too

6. Keep moving forward and believe in your success – just because you have accomplished a goal doesn’t mean you’re done. It means you have room in your life for another fantastic goal to develop yourself!

Tip: every month keep a certain number of goals going. If you have five, and achieve two within the month, add another two to keep that balance

We hope you found these tips resourceful and thank you to all who participated in ‘Personal Development Month’!

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