How to integrate Social Media into your Personal Development Plan

social media

Writing our PDP on a piece of paper and pinning it on the cork board doesn’t stop there. Why not mix it into our daily social media interaction? Here are a few ways you can!

Sharing your successes on Facebook – getting “likes” and encouraging wisdom from your friends can make your achievement that much more rewarding

Deleting “Debbie Downer’s” on Social Media – do you have friends on Facebook/Twitter that are constantly posting problems about their daily life? Deleting them or at least blocking them from your news feed can limit you receiving their negative energy via web

Following Positive Affirmation Tweeters – it’s wonderful to see uplifting words pop up on your screen! Our favorite to follow is @_iAttract_, they post positive affirmations literally every 10 min!

Follow Hashtag Topics – another great social media pick-me-up, try these: #PositiveThinking, #Affirmation #GreatWisdom

Find experts that reflect your Personal Development Plan – suppose your personal development plan is to meditate more often, why not follow @DeepakChopra on Twitter, he is an alternative health practitioner and new age guru. He posts positive affirmations, interesting blogs and has regular meditation challenges for you to engage in!

Discover new resources – you might stumble upon something you least expected! Perhaps you’ll discover a tweet your friend made about attending a great cooking class in the city, weird, isn’t one of your goals to become a better cook?

Share the wealth – brighten everyone else’s days by re-tweeting that positive affirmation, linking that encouraging video or share that beautiful photo! It’s all about abundance, and there is more than enough to go around!

Join a group on LinkedIn – a great way to incorporate your PDP into your professional life is to join a group that reflects it! Here’s another way to meet people with similar interests as you and talk about them on an expert level

Attend “Virtual Events” – Ted Talks is a great event that shares interesting ideas of all shapes and sizes. And all of them are recorded and posted to their website to enjoy!

We hope to see those news feeds collecting up with great affirmations, shared links and posts about your amazing accomplishments! And please don’t be afraid to share other ways you can enhance your PDP through Social Media or how any of these tips helped you!

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