Personal Development – Part 3

Happy International Women’s Day! Today is the final, Part 3 segment to your Personal Development Plan! Read on…

Third Step – a formal plan doesn’t work for everyone so tailor your learning to what is right for you. So here are some tips…

  • Find a mentor – someone you look up to could help you create a plan, give you feedback and hold you accountable
  • Write down clear descriptions of where you are right now and/or where you want to be
  • Describe what you would be like with a new skill or attitude
  • Ensure your learning fits with your personal goals and that you’re motivated
  • Remember that your greatest learning in life comes from pushing outside of your comfort zone so don’t be afraid to step outside the box and challenge yourself
  • Creating a Personal Development Plan Template can help you set and record in a structured manner
  • Make every experience a learning experience and never stop being thankful

Example – here is an example of a Personal Development Plan, tailored to the learning of becoming a better Public Speaker!

  • Purpose – I am creating this plan to construct and record my learning towards becoming a better and more confident Public Speaker
  • Strengths – my willingness to learn and step outside of my comfort zone, I have been told I am a very congruent speaker when in a natural conversation
  • Weaknesses – my fear of being judged and not being well-prepared
  • Plan – I am going to take a Public Speaking Workshop and tell my family about my goal so they can support me throughout
  • Assess – I really enjoyed the Workshop, I feel more confident and my teacher has given me excellent tips on how to better prepare myself
  • Action – I am going to join the debate team at school to further my confidence and learning, and speak poetry aloud once a week
  • Reflect – I learned how to be more confident and better prepared. I was told I did very well by my teacher and peers. I achieved what I planned but I want to continue being better. My new learning and development needs are to keep learning and reaching towards being the best Public Speaker I can be

Today, don’t forget to acknowledge the fantastic women in your life. And to never stop working towards the woman (or man) you aspire to be.

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