Personal Development – Part 2

Monday we featured our breakthrough into Personal Development month! Today we have Part 2 of creating your very own Personal Development Plan! Here we go…

Second step – creating your Personal Development plan

  • Identify a purpose – why are you creating a plan? Is it to achieve a personal goal, develop a professional skill, ensure continuous learning?
  • Pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses in this area – this will help you identify your new learning needs
  • Plan for new learning – decide on strategies to identify appropriate sources and forms of support
  • Engage in what you have planned out for yourself
  • Assess your learning – monitor your progress. Asking for feedback will help inform you on what you’re doing well and what needs to be improved
  • Action plan – use feedback from assessment to plan on what the next step to improve yourself is
  • Reflect and evaluate on your learning – What have I learnt? How well did I do? Have I achieved what I sought out to do yet? What are my new learning and development needs?

Stay tuned this Friday for the final step of your Personal Development Plan, Tips and a peak at what our plan looks like!


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