Small business + social media marketing = a good idea!

Congratulations on your business! You’re proud and excited to get this thing off the ground and running and are now looking for virtually multiple ways in promoting it…

There is a little thing called ‘social media marketing’ which will help get your key messages out there. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Hootsuite and WordPress are among many of the social media outlets that will help sell your business – and you.

But where to start? How do you get onto the social media train without falling off?

So many to choose from…

Here are some basics to start with:

1. Have the goods to back up your Tweets and wall posts: It will be pretty hard to promote your company without content. Content means articles, newsletters, videos and audio; this then gets pumped out through the appropriate channels like Twitter and Facebook. Without content, social media marketing can’t exist.

2. Know your audience: This is true for public speaking as well. Knowing who you’re marketing to is extremely crucial. Also understanding that the public doesn’t care about your actual product or you is another step. Figure out what makes your company interesting. For example; are you a gardening company? Instead of selling your plants through Twitter (which is boring), sell ideas like; top ten gardening tips for the spring, top ten birthday flowers under ten dollars. The idea is you position yourself as the expert; drawing the audience in and as a result, they will look at your products with greater interest.

3. Make your content shareable: So you’ve pumped out a ton of content, the great news is you don’t have to do all the work now! Lend this info to someone else; like a blogger. Promote your content through other bloggers, make your own blog posts or web postings shareable through having the correct links to Facebook or Twitter. Make sure the public can ‘share’ your information through their own social media sites. Unless it’s top secret company information, make sure the majority of what you put up is able to go viral online through multiple sources.

4. Have a focus; what’s your ultimate goal?: Always have a number one goal in mind when it comes to promoting yourself. Do you want to increase sales? Increase hits to your website? Build loyalty among clientele? If you have a main focus, you can narrow down your messaging in order to promote said focus. Too many messages at once can really confuse people and as a result, they lose interest.

What are some of your tips of the trade? Email us! At


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