Revisiting wisdom: Communicating Clearly Online

Welcome to the final part of our revisited favourite corporate blog entries!

Today, you can communicate virtually anytime and anywhere. You can speak to your clients from the park, confirm deals while on vacation and hold group meetings without anyone in the same room.

With the abundance of ways to communicate including e-mail, Skype, chatting, text messages and Twitter, professionalism and quality messaging is sometimes left behind.  When someone receives an e-mail, text or document filled with errors, you instantly loose credibility and respect.  Clear messaging, polished content and good etiquette are essential.

E-mail: This component of workplace communication has been vital for a number of years, yet it is still victim to an abundance of errors and bad etiquette.  Do your best to answer in a timely manner, be concise, ensure that you’ve attached the correct files and keep it friendly, but not overly personable. Avoid emoticons and slang.

Ask yourself:

  • Is my message clear?
  • Are all dates, addresses and phone numbers correct?
  • Are my spelling, syntax and grammar correct?

Text Messaging: Since text messaging is very quick and used only to send short messages, make sure to use professionally only when necessary. Again, establish your message quickly and check for any spelling errors. Refrain from text slang to maintain a professional temperament.

Skype and Web Cams: As more and more offices turn virtual, web cams have become a regular mode of communication. Prepare for a Skype meeting as you would a traditional live meeting. Be confident, focused on the topic and prepared with any notes you need. Listen actively and clarify anything that is confusing or interfered with. Ensure you look professional and polished. When videoconferences with many members take time to listen to whoever is speaking, speak in a normal tone of voice and look directly into the camera lens.

Social Media: From Facebook and Linked-In to Twitter, it’s crucial to take part in social media to strengthen workplace relationships and expand your professional networks. Building your professional presence on these sites will allow you to connect with your clients, gain valuable feedback.  Know your audience, stay personable yet professional and avoid hot-button issues. Every message you send out or photo you post can build or tear down your reputation.

Since technology is rapidly changing, do your best to stay informed and participate as much as possible. Remember, productive and positive communication can only happen when messages are simple, clear and coherent.

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