Revisiting wisdom: Time Management Part two

Welcome to part four of our five part series of revisiting favourite corporate-themed blog entries!

In a past post we discussed why it’s so important to manage your time effectively. Changing habits can be difficult.

Barriers to effective time management include:

  • Possessing a fear of mistakes.
  • Being over-controlling.
  • Spending unnecessary time on the internet or phone.
  • Avoiding unpleasant tasks.
  • Treating every event like a crisis.
  • The inability to say “no” or delegate tasks.
  • Being unorganized.
  • Succumbing to procrastination.

Many people avoid planning and time management tools with the excuse that they don’t have enough time, it feels too constraining or their nature of work is unpredictable. But a lack of planning and time management leads to inadequate preparation, unexpected problems and inevitably poor execution. Time management gives you a feeling of empowerment and control that will spill into all areas of your life. You’ll soon find more time to spend with loved ones, volunteer or hit the gym.

Admitting that your time management system is currently ineffective and changing your routine is scary for many. The intention is to change your behaviors over time to achieve whatever goal you’ve set for yourself or project you’ve outlined. Unclear priorities lead to distractions and unexpected roadblocks. Give yourself permission to try something new. Then establish routines and stick to them, set yourself time limits, have a good attitude and follow your planned approach. Doing this allows you to ensure the outcome is positive and long lasting.


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