Revisiting wisdom: Working with Difficult People

Welcome to part two of our five-part series on revisiting past favourite corporate blog entries!

About 9 Million people tune in for the television series The Office every week. Why? Because we have all worked with someone as difficult as the character Michael Scott. Here is a clip of some of the most memorable moments:

Difficult colleagues or bosses make the workplace stressful, challenging and unproductive. Some people are aggressive, others non-committal, or perhaps you are working with a know-it-all or someone very negative. Once you are able to identify the negative behaviors and personalities and understand what lies behind them you’ll be able to respond in a constructive manner.

Define The Behavior

  • Prevent making personal attacks by focusing on behaviors and specific instances in which they occur.
  • Are there any circumstances  or colleagues that could be reinforcing or supporting this behavior?
  • Take time to observe the behavior and record the impact it has on the work environment and your own productivity.
  • Is your co-worker too aggressive? Perhaps they are battling with insecurities or are unprepared for their position. Are they too passive? They could also suffer from low-self esteem or feel resentful of others actions.

Confronting the Behavior

  • Each personality compounded by context and situation is different, so take time to observe the behavior objectively, record instances of occurrence and
  • Establish your goal before confronting them.
  • Be clear, calm and use “I” statements when describing how you feel and how it distracts you from your work.
  • Leave if they are abusive, and report to a manager, boss or someone in HR.

Demanding, tiring and challenging personalities are everywhere, yet the workplace tends to accentuate negative behaviors. You want to support others to be assertive, confident, positive and respectful. Knowing how to work with a variety of people will help you stay focused and succeed.

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