Happy World Voice Day!

Today is World Voice Day – a day to recognize living healthy and keeping our voices strong as a result.

Last week we talked about what to avoid when it comes to caring for your voice. This week I’d like to give you tips on how to train your voice.

Everyone has a great voice inside.  The key is training and using that voice Try these vocal and breathing exercises:

Breathing Exercise:

Do this in five-minute segments while you drive, walk, or watch television. Not only will it help you breathe properly, it will help you to relax, slow down, and release tension.

Place your hand on your midriff and inhale deeply. You will feel the diaphragm and stomach expand like a bellows. Now, exhale and feel the stomach and diaphragm contract. You may inhale and exhale silently through your mouth or nose. Do this exercise three times in a series of 10 breaths each for five minutes.

Vocal Gymnastics:

Focus on a spot far away. Say the vowel eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Try to get your voice to reach that spot.

Courtesy, Creative Commons

Combining  Breath and Vocal Gymnastics:

Place one hand on your stomach and one hand on your diaphragm. Feel them expand, and then pull your abdominal muscles in and up, saying:

  • ONE!           w-UH-n (one word in one breath)
  • Do the same on each number, slowly lingering on the vowels:
  • TWO!          t-OO
  • THREE!        thr-EE
  • FOUR!         f- OR
  • FIVE!           f-I-v


Our voice is an important tool, we need to treat it with respect and not misuse over overuse it. Without it, we can’t be heard – literally!


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