Open for business! Tips to make your small business work…

It’s an exciting venture; starting and running your own business. In the beginning it can feel overwhelming and sometimes you may not know where to start. While I’m not an expert on the technical tips, I can give you advice on how to prepare yourself personally, before starting your adventure.

1. Believe in yourself Confidence is key. Don’t worry or stress too much on making mistakes. It’s how we learn and how we pick ourselves back up that matters. People will follow you if they pick up on how confident you are. They will believe in your leadership skills, if that’s what you’re putting out there.

2. Follow your path and don’t give up  It’s important to visualize the levels of success you want to achieve. Really picture it and stick to it. Be open to changing your plans here and there, but follow how you want your business to look, feel and run, and keep to those goals as close as you can. Surround yourself with positive people and ideas; they will be there to encourage you when things get a little crunchy.

3. Creativity goes a long way Have you ever heard of the phrase “It’s been done before?” Well, chances are it has. But that doesn’t mean you can’t re-shape, re-invent, or re-focus that idea. There’s always a way to add on, take away or expand on an idea you may have seen or read in the past that you thought was a great one. Be innovative! Think outside those boxes and see where it can take you.

4. Know thyself What are your skills? What are your weaknesses? Are you great at numbers but not so skillful at writing content? Are you a problem solver but not an idea person? Do you have social skills but less on the administrative duties-side? Knowing what points you can hit can really help your business. This way you can delegate certain duties to those people you know can make up for your lack of skillset. And you can really market and push yourself as an expert in your field!

5. Be kind to your colleagues How would anyone own a successful business without the help and respect of others? You never know who you may need on your way up, so keep things professional and kind. Word of mouth can either make or break you, so make sure your always courteous and don’t forget those who have helped you out!

What are some of your small business tips? Email me at!

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