Pump up your audience: presentation tips

A couple blog entries ago I asked: what does lack of listening mean for us as presenters?

It means we are competing for the audience’s attention. It also reminds us that most people (including our audiences) have short attention spans. To make it easier on your audience and to ensure successful delivery, your presentations should be as clear and concise as possible. I suggest incorporating three clear messages, and they must be repeated throughout.

I’ve come up with a few tips to guarantee an active listening audience:

  • Since only 25% of your presentation will be retained, ask yourself: “What do I want my audience to remember?” What are the key messages you want them to take away? How do you put your content together in a way where it will be followed accurately and easily?
  • Change your rhythm and pace of delivery. The more your audience hears changes the more they listen. Being an engaging performer means switching up your tone and enthusiasm of delivery. Add a few pauses in there too; pausing gives the audience time to digest what you have just said, take notes and prepare themselves for your next point.
  • Do your research. Ask yourself, “What are the beliefs, values and language of this audience?” Understand who you are talking to. What’s the age? Are there more women than men? What kind of line of work are they in?

Try using these tools and let me know at info@releaseyourvoice.com if you have any questions. Also, what tools do you find work for you while presenting? Email your tips in!

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