Happy New Year! One resolution to make? Be yourself.

From everyone at Release Your Voice, Happy New Year!

As far as New Year’s Resolutions go, Pamela’s staff member, Katharine Sawchuk, is a big fan of Oprah.com and came across this little nugget of advice; for this New Year – be yourself! Here are some tips:

  • Tell the truth to yourself. Think about how much of your self-worth is based on what you do, how you look, who you know, what you’ve accomplished (i.e., the external stuff). The more you let go of being defined by the external, the more freedom, peace and power you can experience. And, as you really get honest with yourself, you may realize that outside of these external things, you don’t really know who you are. As scary as this may seem on the surface, it’s actually great news and can give you access to a deeper and more meaningful experience of who you are.
  • Appreciate who you really are. What do you appreciate about yourself that has nothing to do with anything external? In other words, what personal qualities (of being, not doing) do you value about yourself? The more you’re able to tap into what you appreciate about who you are (not what we do), the more capacity you have for real confidence, peace and self-love.
  • Practice just being you. As silly as it may sound, you have a great deal of experience being phony or being how you think you’re supposed to be. It actually takes conscious practice to be able to just show up and be who you are. Practice alone, with people you know, and with total strangers. This is all about awareness: paying attention to how you feel, what you’re thinking, what you say and how you show up. It’s not about getting it right or doing anything specific; it’s about letting go of our erroneous notions of how you think you’re supposed to be and just allowing yourself to be who you are in the moment.
All the best in 2012.

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2 Responses to Happy New Year! One resolution to make? Be yourself.

  1. On command, Be Spontaneous!! This is difficult because there is still an Ideal Normal for people to conform to, and we seek to conform. This results in all sorts of blind spots, misperceptions and lies we tell ourselves. There is nothing worse than a false belief that one is being authentic. Indeed, it takes practice.

  2. bizzcomm says:

    Great advice! When you think about how many roles we take on each day — employee, mom, spouse, squabble referee — it really is hard to get at just who we really are. My mother always said that you get to your true self after 60, but I’m hoping to make it a decade earlier!

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