Feeling good; asking questions; finding happiness

The following questionnaire is from Oprah.com, it’s to encourage well-being and healthy, positive thoughts. Something we all need every now and then!

It’s about searching and finding your intentions; don’t worry if a question is intimidating, think of it as jumping into a cold lake. Embrace it! It’s about what you need in order to feel “happy and fulfilled.” We all need to remember to make time for what matters to us.

Here are the questions:

  1. Who am I? How do I think of myself? What are my strengths and weaknesses?
  2. Who do I want to be?
  3. Why am I here? Why am I important? What is my mission?
  4. What am I missing? The time to read a book? A close friendship?
  5. What’s my motivation for wanting to improve my food and exercise habits? If it’s to look better, do I expect favorable results to bring love?
  6. Am I afraid of making changes or of taking risks (quitting a boring job, getting out of a bad relationship)? Do I fear failure or the responsibility that could come with success? Could I embrace change instead as an adventure?
  7. What has stopped me from keeping resolutions in the past? Is the obstacle (or obstacles) still present in my life? If so, how will I navigate it this time?
  8. When I’m tempted to wander off track, what could I say to myself, or do, to stick with the original plan?
  9. How can I build in support for myself? Ask a friend to be a health buddy? Join a walking club?
  10. What am I doing in my life that’s hurting me? Smoking? Drinking too much? Letting work interfere with relationships?
  11. What are the sources of joy I need to feel whole?
  12. Am I happy?

“If you don’t have the energy to make changes now, ask yourself these questions again in a month or two. And consider that in order to part with what has become habit or routine, you may simply need to take a leap of faith. “So many of us are in jobs we hate or relationships that are stagnant, but we’re too paralyzed to change,” says surgeon Nancy Snyderman, MD, whose books include Dr. Nancy Snyderman’s Guide to Good Health for Women over Forty. “As we age, we stop taking risks.”

Happy Wednesday, everyone!


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