Happy (belated) birthday iPod!

The following entry is written by Pamela’s staff member, Katharine Sawchuk, who owns at least three things Apple and is pretty sure would flounder without the help of Steve Jobs’ iLife. 

On October 23rd, 2011, The iPod turned ten. There’s no question this conveniently palm-sized – yet expensive – piece of hardware altered the landscape of the technological world. This portable music player kick started a tidal wave of success for Apple, ultimately leading the multinational corporation to create the insanely popular iPhone – which took the mobile phone industry by the horns and changed its foundation for good.

There’s no question innovations like these have improved the speed in which we communicate. Now you can get messages out faster and more efficiently. You don’t even need to dial; just send a quick text, a quick email from your iPhone, a quick Facebook message and boom! Instant gratification.

This isn’t limited to basic conversation. We can film, photograph, record anything we want and communicate that way. However, with the way the human race is running – full force and deeper into our technological era – we tend not to question if this is the best way to convey messages of importance.

Human-to-human contact is almost a rarity these days. As helpful as these tools have been, it can be argued they’ve taken away from the sanctity of connecting through personal interaction. Looking each other dead in the eye is now a lost art, touching a hand, smiling, relaying information in person, is fading away.

There is a plus, however. When you do end up speaking with someone by ‘traditional’ means, it’s refreshing. Forcing yourself to actually ‘talk’ to somebody, no matter how shy or confident you may be, is always a personal challenge. These are things we can continue to challenge ourselves with and I feel we will all benefit in the long run. We may have technology to guide us, but what would happen if all those gizmos ceased to work? Would we collapse into an gadget-free coma? Or would we be okay, knowing we’re able to physically travel to a friend’s house and make birthday party plans that way, instead of getting an instant message?

Don’t get me wrong…I’m a gadget nerd, always have been and always will be. But it’s nice to know I can still hold a conversation with a complete stranger if I absoloutley had – or wanted – to.

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