Growing up can be a pain, but at least we can always learn from it

This entry is written by Pamela’s staff member, Katharine Sawchuk, who is discovering her own path in life, one southern day at a time.

When you were a child, what did you want to be ‘when you grow up’? I remember at the tender age of three, I wanted to be an orchestra conductor just so I could ‘wave the stick around’.’ Then I grew bored of that idea and decided at the age of six I would be a spy. My mom bought me spy books. I would put a hat and coat on, grab my pad and pencil and spy on my parents in hopes of finding something ‘suspicious’ and scandalous enough for me to bribe them for extra cookies after dinner. Alas, I found nothing of the sort. Eventually I became a journalist and transitioned into Public Relations.

I know I enjoy what I do. I love communication, I love people and I love figuring out what makes them tick. I also love writing, so I feel PR is a good fit. However I still think about the future, about where I want to be in five years and what my surroundings could transform into.

For the past month or so I’ve been living in Houston, Texas with my boyfriend. I’ve discovered I’d love to continue down this road however the difficulties of securing sponsorship are great and present a massive challenge ahead. Instead of saying ‘forget it’ and turning away, I’m going to face it head on and see where it leads me.

This got me thinking about personal challenges, and how we can turn them into empowerment or let them take that power away from us. When it’s a good time to back down is up to us, however I believe we should at least try. That way we don’t look back asking the classic: “what if.”

What have been some of your challenges? What have you had to overcome in your life that have lead you to where you want to be? Sometimes it’s a good idea to sit back and reflect on all your hard work, and everything you have accomplished.


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