Pam answers your questions: Being the Bad News Bear part two

Here is part two of the three part series of how to deliver your staff bad news:

Dig Deeper: The Do’s and Don’ts of Firing

Delivering Bad News to Your Employees: Take Ownership of the Problem

If you’re the one making the announcement – whether in a group setting or a one-on-one meeting – you need to take ownership of the decision.

“The worst is when you’re just carrying the flag and you didn’t have anything to do with the decision,” Grant says. “If they’re giving the message, they have to own it. They can’t just say, ‘Well, I’m here as the official person to give the official message.”

To hold on to the trust of your employees, you need to have your own emotions in check. You might not be able to share the whole story about the company’s decision with the staff, but you should be able to explain what caused it.

“If it’s an economic issue or sales are down, tell people what the situation is so they know and they can understand it,” Bristol-Smith says. “Will it prevent them from feeling terrible? No, but at least they know that it’s not personal.”

What experiences have you had with this? Let Pam know and feel free to ask any more questions for her to answer:

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2 Responses to Pam answers your questions: Being the Bad News Bear part two

  1. Joe Curren says:

    HR professionals and attorneys are often in different camps about this. Attorneys I’ve consulted with stick to the At Will doctrine where applicable, suggesting that no reason for termination be given as a prophylaxis againt wrongful termination actions; while HR professionals, who often seem ideologically predisposed against the At Will doctrine, prefer a more transparent, humanistic approach to employee termination.

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