How do I sound older than I am?

Pamela has been getting quite a few questions on tips and tricks to public speaking. Here is the answer to one of them! Thank you and keep them coming!

Q: How can I lower my vocal register? People think I am young and inexperienced because my voice is high. What do I need to do with my vocal cords?

A: It is not just a question of your vocal cords.


Most people think it is just the vocals that produce the sound. Others believe the harder you push the air out of your lungs, the better your voice sounds.

Your voice is produced by a combination of organs. Your lungs and your diaphragm push the air, which meets the vocal chords, and they all together start a series of vibrations.

These vibrations expand through your lungs and mouth cavity. The key word here is resonance. They way you move your mouth, the way you expand your throat and more importantly, how deeply you breath, is what makes the resonance sound high or low.

With the same air speed you can resonate high, or you can resonate low.

You might want to try an experiment. Say “yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh” long enough. Now try bringing your voice down from the higher pitch to the lowest tone you can. Keep your air speed steady. You will be able to notice your voice will resonate in three different places as you go from high up the frequency scale to deep down low. First you will resonate at the nose, then you will resonate at your throat, and last and most importantly you will resonate down at your chest. There is where the bass lies.

Pavarotti, the tenor, used to sing well because of talent and because he trained his diaphragm for years to bring it at a master’s level. Try it yourself. You can change your voice to make it exactly as you wish.

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