PowerPoint and Pictures

As we all know PowerPoint is a visual aid. The visual is one of the leaning styles we all use every day. Some of us are tactical learners, some auditory and others visual, but the best learning occurs with all three styles. That is where PowerPoint comes into play. When you have a slide that evokes a feeling in you, that feeling is portrayed in your vocal quality and use of words. When you combine this with the picture, the audience gets your point. You feel it and they do too.

So start taking pictures.

Now it is clear, PowerPoint is about graphics. The question you may ask is “where do I get photos? If I look online they are so expensive.” You are right; buying photos and graphics for slides can get very expensive. But think about this; last weekend I had dinner with a friend/client and his family. He takes excellent pictures and uses some of these pictures to create powerful and effective PowerPoint presentations. How does he do it?Well, he is always taking pictures – things that catch his eye. He uses many of these pictures in his presentations. This is one of the reasons his PowerPoints are so successful; the visuals are evocative and when he is looking at the pictures, his feeling and passion are conveyed in his voice. It is a vocal quality that cannot be faked. It is the thought behind the picture.  That is the power of the visual; it stirs you up and you stir up your audience. It is a good mix.

Now be careful – photos should not depict friends and family.

Check out this picture taken by a RYV client. What would be your opening for this photo? Closing?


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