Canuck fever

Another blog entry from Pamela’s staff member: Katharine Sawchuk

Ahhh the Playoffs. Sweaty bodies, constant movements, the consumption of fluids at a rapid rate – and these are only the fans.

I watched the first game of the Playoffs at a local pub and I couldn’t help but notice how connected everyone was. It wasn’t just everyone wearing the same jersey either, but there was a serious feel to the room. Complete strangers looking at each other in approval or disapproval of a play, high-fiving each other, shouting at each other and smiling.

I am not the biggest hockey fan – despite being a Canadian through and through. But I do appreciate the solidarity it brings. What was really interesting, was the body language these fans displayed; tense, stiff, at times loose and crazy too, huddling together, pushing each other in a friendly manner, eye-contact. It goes to show you only need one common topic, one common thread that will bind a group of a hundred together.

Next time you’re in your local bar, or restaurant or public space…try smiling, try striking up a conversation about something you are interested in. If that person is also interested, it could mean for a fun conversation at least. I really like the idea of people coming together to support one common goal. It’s a change of pace from ignoring each other on the bus, or pretending we don’t exist on the street. It reminds us that we are human and in a way we need each other sometimes.


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