True Colors…and we’re not talking Cyndi Lauper…

What colour are you? Blue? Orange? Blue-green? In every audience you have four personality types, and  True Colors is a great way to determine how much and what kinds of evidence you want to use in your presentation.

Each of us has our own style, preferences and ways operating – so how can we reach audience members who have a totally different style? By giving a bit to everyone, and TC shows us this.

For the audience members that are:

  • Greens = Analytical – make sure your statistics are clear and that you can explain them.
  • Gold = Goal focused people who need you to get to the point and show the value of your work.
  • Orange = Don’t bore these people! Make your presentation exciting and interesting.
  • Blue = A more sensitive bunch, highly in tuned with their emotions. What you need to think is how your presentation is going to affect people.

True Colors is a great tool to determine how you should approach your audience and relate to them. But remember to give each type something.

You may think: How can I do that? Well the fact is we have a bit of every colour in us. We are a spectrum of colours but we do have communication preferences, and what usually happens is we design a presentation based on our colour. If we are strong ‘Green’ it is very analytical. ‘Oranges’ tend to be light on facts and heavy on fun. So, expand your colours. Presentations should be about balance, so expand your colours. Remember it is not easy being Green or Orange or Blue or Gold.

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