Spring has sprung – and so have new beginnings

It’s spring time and that means looking at new beginnings – and there’s nothing more like a beginning than the opening of a presentation. The opening is your beginning, so start fresh and create new ways to open your presentation.

One suggestion: try opening with music. Music sets a tone – the same as your voice. So choose something that will create the environment you want for your presentation.

Another move: Start with a video. The YouTube add-in for PowerPoint makes it easy peasy. You must first install the appropriate PowerPoint add-in for YouTube. Go to the about.com links below to get started:

Installing the YouTube Add-in for PowerPoint (versions 2003 and earlier)

Installing the YouTube Add-in for PowerPoint 2007

How to Add YouTube Videos to PowerPoint

For PowerPoint 2003 and earlier

For PowerPoint 2007

Next suggestion: Demo – show your product. Have people feel and touch it. It will appeal to their tactile senses. Remember the best presentations combine all learning styles; visual, auditory and tactile.

That should be enough to get you going! Pick one to start your presentation, be creative, and remember: SPRING INTO IT!

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