Holiday Toast Checklist

The holidays are here and our days are filled with annual company and family parties. We all love nuzzling under the mistletoe, eating gingerbread treats and sneaking a peak at treasures under the tree. But what about raising a glass to a room full of holiday cheer? Many of us freeze up, nervous about speaking in public and delivering a memorable holiday toast. With this helpful checklist you’ll be able to deliver a warm and charming message that will set the tone for the entire gathering. Everyone will want you to speak!

Toast Checklist


  1. What do you want to say? – It takes less time than constructing a gingerbread house to outline the focus of your toast and practice it several times. Get a friend or family member to listen and offer feedback.
  2. Watch your pace – The holidays are an exciting time, so speak slowly, clearly and loud enough.
  3. Share a story – Welcome everyone who has gathered and share your thoughts and feelings about the holidays. Thoughtful content is memorable and easier for you to deliver, so share a personal story or a holiday-centered quote.
  4. Give thanks – The holidays are a time for gathering with loved ones, so if you are the host of the dinner toast to those who have come to share your food and home. If you area guest, be sure to thank the host for opening his home to you. At a company party briefly thank teams and departments, partners and alliances. Also, remember to offer kind words for those who are not able to be with you because of illness, injury, military duty or other reasons.
  5. Stand up – Unless the gathering is very small and informal, you should stand to get attention and deliver the toast. It ensures everyone can hear you and lends a certain ceremonial splendor.
  6. Raise your glass – When you are starting your toast, hold your glass about waist high. At the conclusion of the toast, raise the glass to your eye level to signal you are finished. You can then touch glasses with others around you and take a sip.

Stay short, stay focused and enjoy yourself! For more holiday help visit Release Your Voice next week for more toast inspiration to support you through the New Year.



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