Impromptu Speaking Challenge

Everyone knows that practice makes perfect – and everyone loves a good challenge! Speaking well “Off-The-Cuff” with little time to research or prepare is terrifying for many. But with a little guidance, and a lot of practice, you can think clearly and speak with confidence. Impromptu speaking is perfect to practice – you can do it anywhere and it only takes a few minutes!

If you are a beginner, browse through our blog for some fantastic tips and tricks on breathing, correct posture and speech structure. Make sure you are in a comfortable place, perhaps at the dinner table with a small audience or looking at yourself in your bathroom mirror. Pick the topic you’ll speak on, take a breath and repeat the topic once outloud. Give yourself between 5 – 8 minutes to deliver the speech and remember to include an opening, closing and three main points.

Here are your thirty Release Your Voice Impromptu Speaking Challenge topics:

  1. My biggest concern for the future is…
  2. Real wealth is never measured in money or possessions.
  3. Conservation is survival.
  4. Real love is not the stuff of pop songs.
  5. If I were an animal I’d be a…
  6. Plants have feelings too.
  7. Junk food’s popularity relies on marketing.
  8. To err is human. To forgive is divine.
  9. The world is a smaller place these days.
  10. The more we communicate, the less we really say.
  11. When I grow up…
  12. To be grown up is a state of mind.
  13. Goals are good for you.
  14. The most important lesson of my life so far…
  15. Intelligence is not enough.
  16. If I ruled the world…
  17. Color effects the way people feel.
  18. Ill health begins in the mind.
  19. Team sports build strong individuals.
  20. Laughter is the best medicine.
  21. Fools and their money are easily parted.
  22. Discipline is not a dirty word.
  23. Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder.
  24. Children learn what they live with.
  25. Poverty is a state of mind.
  26. What characteristics make an ideal hero and why?
  27. What and who is an average person?
  28. Advertising targeting children is immoral.
  29. In what situation is lying a good idea?
  30. Does money make the world go round?

Send us photos or videos of your speech and if you have any questions, let us know and comment below.

Visit us during the month of June for more articles on Impromptu Speaking.


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