Poetry for Practice – National Poetry Month # 10

In honor of National Poetry Month a daily instillation. Poems to use as vocal warm-ups and pronunciation exercises that leave you feeling refreshed and inspired.

Bee’s Wings by George Elliott Clarke

This washed-out morning, April rain descants,
Weeps over gravity, the broken bones
Of gravel and graveyards, and Cora puts
Away gold dandelions to sugar
And skew into gold wine, then discloses
That Pablo gutted his engine last night
Speeding to Beulah Beach under a moon
As pocked and yellowed as aged newsprint.
Now, Othello, famed guitarist, heated
By rain-clear rum, voices transparent notes
Of sad, anonymous heroes who hooked
Mackerel and slept in love-pried-open thighs
And gave out booze in vain crusades to end
Twenty centuries of Christianity.
His voice is simple, sung air: without notes,
There’s nothing. His unknown, imminent death
(The feel of iambs ending as trochees
In a slow, decasyllabic death-waltz;
His vertebrae trellised on his stripped spine
Like a ‘xylophone or keyboard of nerves)
Will also be nothing: the sun pours gold
Upon Shelley, his sis’, light as bees’ wings,
Who roams a garden sprung from rotten wood
And words, picking green nouns and fresh, bright verbs,
For there’s nothing I will not force language
To do to make us one — whether water
Hurts like whisky or the sun burns like oil
Or love declines to weathered names on stone.


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