Poetry for Practice – National Poetry Month #8

In honor of National Poetry Month a daily instillation. Poems to use as vocal warm-ups and pronunciation exercises that leave you feeling refreshed and inspired.

A Book Full of Pictures by Charles Simic

Father studied theology through the mail

And this was exam time.

Mother knitted. I sat quietly with a book

Full of pictures. Night fell.

My hands grew cold touching the faces

Of dead kings and queens.

There was a black raincoat

in the upstairs bedroom

Swaying from the ceiling,

But what was it doing there?

Mother’s long needles made quick crosses.

They were black

Like the inside of my head just then.

The pages I turned sounded like wings.

“The soul is a bird,” he once said.

In my book full of pictures

A battle raged: lances and swords

Made a kind of wintry forest

With my heart spiked and bleeding in its branches.

Bonus: Charles Simic reads “Prodigy”

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