Spring Bootcamp Dates Added – Spring Training for Your Public Speaking Skills

“Public speaking is an art form that once mastered can open many doors. I highly recommend the Release Your Voice Bootcamp to my close friends and colleagues. Pamela Hart realizes that you are individual not a clone and she helps bring out the unique qualities of an individual.  The great thing about Pamela is that she takes the time to get to know you and cater towards your individual needs and goals.  Pamela’s background in psychology and theatre are highly valuable towards Public speaking training. I am really pleased that I signed up for the Public Speaking Bootcamp.”

Negar Mojtahedi

Your Bootcamp Experience will include:

Day One

• Tools to control fear and anxiety
• Top Ten Rules for Presentations
• To Develop your own Personal Style
• Design clear and effective Presentations
• Create immediate interest
• Motivating Your Audience to take Action
• Persuading your Audience
• Relaxation Techniques
• Non-Verbal Communication
• Maintaining Focus
• Question and Answer Made Easy
• Interacting with the audience

Day Two

• Impromptu Speeches and Presentations
• Elevator Speech
• Presenting Without Notes
• Powerful PowerPoint – The new Way–Graphics
• Using Examples and Stories to Capture and Keep Audience Attention
• Delivering Data Easier and More Effectively
• Participant Presentations
• One on one Coaching with Pamela Hart
• Put it all together
• Tips and tools to continue improving

April 28th and 29th 9am – 4:30pm

June 1st and 2nd 9a- 4:30p

601 West Broadway, Suite 400

Vancouver, B.C.

For more information and to register visit our website.


About releaseyourvoices

Release Your Voice with Pamela Hart: Public Speaking training based in Vancouver BC. We offer training seminars, oral presentation skills, corporate communication, private lessons or group training
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