Answering Your Questions

A great way to expand your knowledge is learning from others questions. We received some great ones for our Express Yourself Contest. Keep sending them in to win a spot at our next bootcamp!

  • How can you deliver another person/departments powerpoint presentation and make it your own?
    Memorizing the speaker notes makes it time consuming and can be robotic. 

It is challenging to deliver a presentation designed by someone else, but it is possible. First determine the intent of the presentation. Ask yourself, what is the point of the presentation and what do you want people to takeaway? Second, analyze the supporting information and the key messages. The last thing you should do is determine the call to action or closing. Again, what do you want the audience to do when they leave?

Take the time to look at the architecture or story of the presentation and make that your own.  Ask yourself: What story is the presentation trying to tell and how can I make it mine?

  • What are appropriate hand gestures when public speaking? clasped hands? arms at sides?

As Shakespeare’s Hamlet said, “Let the action suit the word and the word the action.” The problem with gestures is not that people don’t know how to effectively use their hands; the problem is that when people get in front of an audience, they tend to do things that prevent them from gesturing spontaneously and naturally. You want your gestures to be natural and simple and appropriate to your personality and style.

Here are somethings you don’t want to do:
1. grip the lectern
2. lock your hands behind your back
3. hands in pockets
Keeping your hands at your side is a good thing to do and if you find that difficult, put your hands at your side and press your thumb and forefinger together. This relieves tension and as your presentation progresses your gestures should become natural, spontaneous and appropriate.

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