Something to Take-Away: A Checklist for Handouts

You’ve crafted a fantastic presentation. You’ve practiced. You’ve made use of the best visual aids. You’re ready.

So how do you ensure that your message makes it home with your audience? You’ve got to give something away.

These days it’s critical that presenters and speakers are memorable. Handouts are a great way to help them remember you, your message and continue learning at home. As an extension of you and your presentation, the content, appearance and quality of your handout is essential. Handouts can clarify definitions or difficult subjects, provide background information, provide case studies or even outline your session.

Before beginning to prepare your handout, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What do you want your handouts to say? What is the goal of using a handout?
  2. Will you distribute it before or after your presentation? Will there be space for people to take notes? Is it just resources and an overview for after?
  3. Will it be printed on paper or circulated as a PDF (the greener option)?
  4. How will you avoid regurgitating your presentation or overwhelming your audience with information?
  5. Is all the information correct? Spell-checked?
  6. Will you include pictures? Graphics?
  7. How will you design it and print it?
  8. How will you inspire your audience to take action?
  9. What resources will you include?
  10. Where you will you put your name, contact information, the date and the title of the presentation?

Some further reading that RYV recommends:

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