Rehearsal Checklist

Things to look out for while practicing or rehearsing a speech:

  • The Breath: Are you breathing naturally and comfortably? Are you able to calm yourself down with long and controlled breaths? Are your full breaths supporting your voice or making it sound strained?
  • The Pace: Are you racing through to the end of your speech? Are you varying your speed near important points or are you pausing too much?
  • The Body: What is your body language and posture saying? Are you gesturing with your hands too much? Are you jumping, pacing around, pulling at your clothes or staying frozen in one spot? Are you smiling?
  • The Eyes: Are you making the effort to look at your audience? Are you holding your notes in front of your face or looking down at your cue cards?
  • The Words: Are you mumbling? Using words that you can use comfortably? What about those “um’s” and “like”s?
  • The Tone: Is your voice coming through? What does it say about your attitude and emotion? Are you dropping or raising your voice at the end of sentences? Is it warm or cold? Do you sound genuine and comfortable?
  • The Content: Are you stumbling over quotes or resources? Are you able to offer your intro and conclusion without looking at your notes? Do you believe in what you are saying?

Take the time to record yourself practicing and ask yourself these questions to ensure that you have prepared the most powerful presentation possible. Contact us if you need any help!


About releaseyourvoices

Release Your Voice with Pamela Hart: Public Speaking training based in Vancouver BC. We offer training seminars, oral presentation skills, corporate communication, private lessons or group training
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