One Hell of a Speech: Why Public Speaking Pro’s Love talking about Obama

“Obama didn’t deliver a speech so much as a symphony, calling for nukes and zapping the Supremes; thanks for the performance, Mr. President.” – Christopher Buckley at The Daily Beast

From Blogger Nick Morgan’s rhetorical analysis, to the Wall Street Journal or even Six Minute’s collection of expert opinions, everybody has something to say about Obama’s State of the Union Address.  Even the Huffington Post described it as the “Superbowl of Public Speaking”.

Experts love to illustrate and debate over why Obama is so effective in his speeches. Is it the way he emphases his points with a perfect tempo and inflection? Is it the way he changes the tone of his voice? Did he learn his techniques from rap music? Or maybe it’s just the teleprompters…

For us at Release Your Voice, Obama embodies everything we believe in. He sells his message through confident body language, affirmative sentences and by taking his time. He is honest and yet hopeful in his message, even while facing a tough crowd. He is clear and he is elegant.

Public Speaking experts can use his great example to illustrate their tips and tricks. It’s hard to imagine that one of the hardest working Presidents in such a difficult time is able to communicate so clearly. We may not believe in the same politics but we can all agree that strong speaking skills lead to sucesss.

What has your favorite State of the Union coverage been?

Obama's State of the Union Address visualized by

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