Staying Motivated

“Action is the foundational key to all success.”

–       Pablo Picasso

Sure, your January started with a bang. You’ve detoxed your body, revived your work routine and created a list of goals. Already feeling a bit distracted? Here are a few tips to keep you motivated  throughout the year.

1-    Keep Your Eyes On The Prize– As you are reaching to meet your goals ensure they are focused, achievable and measurable. Visualize the end result you want to achieve. Break your goal down into smaller strategies to help you overcome obstacles. Set manageable deadlines and reward yourself when they are met.

2-    Track Your Progress- Whether it’s writing it down in a daily journal, crafting short e-mails to yourself or having a weekly coffee with a friend or mentor, recording your progress does wonders. Not only does it refocus your mind on your goals but it also helps you gain a realistic perspective of your results. After a few weeks of working on a goal, let’s say you’re working on reducing your “um’s” and “likes” during your presentations. Utilizing constructive feedback from friends and co-workers accurately record the times you succeed. With these recordings you can make assessments and reassess your approach. If you throw in more “um’s” when you’ve forgotten to do your breathing exercises, than take time to learn from that experience.

3-    Surround Yourself with Reinforcements– From inspiring mentors to stirring books fill your life with reminders about the positive work you are doing. Go to speaking conferences, read motivational books and articles, share your progress with your friends and loved ones. Make a playlist of songs that keep you moving and place a photo of a hero or an encouraging image.

A Girl Before A Mirror

I also recommend Zen Habit’s article on defeating burnout as well as Real Simple’s Nine Secret’s of Motivated People. Subscribe to the Release Your Voice newsletter at for support and encouragement to reach your personal public speaking goals.


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