7 Ways to Enhance Your Public Speaking at Home

Feeling like a homebody or having trouble making time to work on your public speaking skills? Take your public speaking practice home and improve your public speaking faster than ever.

1. Play Games – You have a list of quotes you’ve always wanted to use for a powerful introduction or strong take-away. Why not turn memorizing them into a game or competition with your partner or children? Place a quote on the fridge every Monday and see who can recite it by Friday.

2. Use Quiet Moments to Practice Your Breathing Technique– They may be hard to find but utilize your quiet time to sit, stand or lay comfortably and begin your deep breathing exercises. (For more tips on this see the Conscious Breathing posting and subscribe to our newsletter at ReleaseYourVoice.com ).

3. Make Toasts – From the average Tuesday night macaroni to the Holiday dinner utilize even the smallest crowd to practice your Toastmaking skills.

4. Stand Up Straight – Your mother was right. Good posture is one of the essential keys to great speaking. Use time doing housework like washing dishes or working in the yard to practice good posture.

5. Use Your Audience – When a big presentation or talk is coming up use your family, roommates or even your dog Scruffy to practice. Make sure to take yourself seriously, use the practice to time yourself and ask for constructive criticism.

6. Stay Accountable – If you are working on increasing your vocabulary, perfecting your pronunciation or removing vocal fillers from your speech don’t drop the ball at home. By interweaving new words into your casual speech you’ll memorize them quicker and use them more effectively. Same goes for eliminating “like’s” and “um’s”.

7. Find Inspiration in Everyday Life – From Children’s books to daily newspapers to stories told over the dinner table, take these anecdotes and images and utilize them in your presentation and speeches. Keep a journal of the most relevant and motivating moments to add personality to your speaking.inspiration for your next presentation might be found in suprising places

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